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New Music: Huck

Here We Go - Look! It's a dance song! #7 #Huck #Look #YesHeDid
The Journey - New dreamy bit dark slower dance song! #3 #TheJourney #YesHeDid
Here We Go - Fun Dance/Disco club song! #1 #Huck #HereWeGo #YesHeDid
Everywhere - Dance on the verge of EDM! #9 #Huck #Everywhere #YesHeDid

"This is the original Inzane Records. This Inzane Records was started in 1984. There's another site that was started by a half dead former porno starlette. That tried to steal the name from a good guy. Huck's the good guy! I love a good guy!" Teresa from Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

"Thank you! I love you too."
Huck 'Yes, He did! 2018'

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